Looking for somewhere to hire a costume? We have an extensive range of costumes for hire, including 1950’s, 60’s & 70’s, as well as authentic uniforms. We also have many accessories including vintage handbags, ties, hats, scarves & belts and some wigs. All costumes are priced at £12.00 each for a 7 day hire period with additional accessories subject to negotiation.

If you are interested in hiring from us please use the contact form to book an appointment.

Costume Hire Terms & Conditions

April 2019

Costume Ownership – the costume and its accessories will at all times remain property of “Wombwell Thespians Amateur Dramatic Society”. Failure to return a costume will be deemed as theft and liable for prosecution.

Payment and Privacy – we are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we require lawfully, in accordance to the Data Protection Act 1998. All payments are by cash or cheque payable to “Wombwell Thespians”.

Hire Period – the hire period is shown on the costume details, this is typically 7 days. Extended hire is available. The first week’s hire would be at the full rate and then half the original price would be charged per costume per week if required. Once costumes have left our possession and are with the customer they are the hirer’s responsibility and risk until they are returned to Wombwell Thespians. Period of your hire begins on the date you booked it from and ends up to seven days after this date (not including Sundays or Bank Holidays).

Late/ non returns – will result in a £5.00 charge if more than 24 hours late starting two days after last day of hire period and total loss of deposit if more than 2 days late starting two days after the hire period. Please note that the deposit you pay on booking does not cover the actual cost and replacement of the costume if it is lost, damaged or stolen nor does it cover the loss of hire from another customer due to the delay. We reserve the right to pursue compensation from you as the hirer to the full value of the costume concerned and any other expenses incurred due to this delay or non return. This is implicit by you, (the “Hirer”) agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Deposits – a deposit of £10.00, in addition to the hire charge, is always required for each costume in the event of loss or damage. This will be charged on collection and will be refunded, if appropriate, when the costume is returned.

Cancellation of Hire – No hire cost refunds will be given once a costume or costumes have been booked for whatever reason unless you notify us within 7 days after the costume or costumes have been booked. If it is within the 7 day period a £5.00 cancellation fee is charged per costume and a £2.50 charge per accessory booked for hire on cancellation. Please note once the costumes have been collected by you no refunds for hire will be given but if there is time we will do our best to provide a suitable replacement.

Collection & Return of Costumes – Costumes are only available for collection directly from “The Playhouse Theatre”, Park Street, Wombwell, Barnsley, to which they must be returned following the hire period. We do not have a delivery service.

Costume Damage From Washing – some of our costumes are very delicate and as such require special treatment when being washed so please return them without laundering. You will be charged if you cause damage to any of our costumes by washing delicate items on the incorrect wash cycle. If in doubt then do not attempt to wash any of our costumes or seek advice directly from ourselves by using our contact page.

Costume Damage From Altering – Measurements are given for each costume. Please do not alter in any way unless by prior consent. There are times for instance when gently tacking the hem is ok depending on the fabric but please check with us first. Please DO NOT use a sewing machine on any of our costumes as this completely ruins the fabric and on the few occasions when this has happened we have undone the thread carefully only to find it leaves marks and holes by doing this. Any damage made from alterations may result in non return of a deposit as we may need to replace the costume. Please bear in mind that the deposit paid does not always reflect its worth and in many cases we reserve the right to receive the full cost of replacing a similar costume 

Costumes Returned Incomplete – a selection of our costumes come with accessories such as hats and wigs. In special circumstances tailored accessories will be integral to the individual costume and the loss of an accessory may cause the rest of the outfit to become incomplete and unusable. In this case you will be charged for the cost of the costume as we will need to seek a replacement.

Costume Measurements & Fitting – Detailed measurements are given for each costume. Please ensure that you allow for movement as well. Due to the nature of costume hire we cannot refund the hire charge unless the costume does not match the listing measurements on the website. If we find this to be the case we will offer an alternative as priority but if this is not possible then a refund for the hire will be returned but NOT postage costs. Please make sure if this is the case that you return it within 48 hours for a possible refund NOT at the end of the hire period as no refund will be given. If you require any further measurements for a costume which may not be included such as sleeve length for example, please contact us prior to booking as no refunds will be given if an unlisted measurement is not included. We always offer our customers an alternative should there be one available if in the rare occasion there is a problem with sizing and this will then need either to be booked through the website or the other one returned and refunded and then the other one booked online.

Defects in hire costumes and accessories  – Acceptance of the item(s) at the commencement of the hire period implies that the item is complete and undamaged. Unless any faults or defects are notified to “Wombwell Thespians” at the start of the hire then we will consider this having occurred within the hire period and the deposit in whole/ or part will be forfeit. If you do find any damage subsequent to collection, please let us know in the first instance so we are able to resolve any problems. Failure to let us know as soon as you discover the defect or after the event will be too late and no refund will be given for a hire under these circumstances.

Discount. We offer a 10% discount to schools, theatres, charities and multiple orders. Please contact us for details.